Technology is disrupting the world. Anacode's Tech Monitor provides you with an up-to-date, intuitive image of the technology landscape. It allows you to stay on top of the cutting-edge trends, anticipate new customer needs and outsmart your competitors.
The technology landscape at your fingertips
Your benefits
  • In-depth understanding
    Get an in-depth understanding of your technological context from millions of datapoints, condensed into intuitive visualizations.
  • Save time
    No need to plow through a myriad of texts anymore to reach your Aha moment. Our monitor directly guides you to your insights and integrates them into a larger global context.
  • Stay up-to-date
    Some developments happen overnight - others need years to mature. Benefit from our trend detection and timeseries analysis to grasp this dynamics.
  • Embrace all relevant stakeholders
    Technology is a multi-stakeholder game. Our monitor aggregates the perspectives of consumers, competitors, regulators and other stakeholders into a holistic and objective picture.
Technology domains
Key views

Would you like to update your R&D strategy, look for suitable technology partners or understand how technology can help your sustainability efforts?

Our monitor offers a range of key views, each with their own, optimal visualization, to help you address your individual business questions.
Self-learning taxonomy
Data sources

Different stakeholders are involved in the technological transformation - entrepreneurs come up with ideas, investors fund them, engineers implement, and, finally, consumers decide whether to accept a new technology.

Each of these stakeholders has a unique perspective which is formed, by a large part, by public media. The Tech Monitor aggregates a variety of different data types to accommodate these perspectives and create an objective image of a technology.
Turning Big Data to actionable insights
We use a proprietary, scalable pipeline which starts with Big Data, structures it using Natural Language Processing and distills insights that are represented in intuitive data visualizations.

The brain of our system is built based on cutting-edge deep learning as well as a smart taxonomy which updates itself automatically from daily incoming data.
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