Use the power of Big Data and AI to gain transparency and skyrocket your business effort
Market Intelligence
for the future-proof
What we offer
As an international, innovative
and forward-looking company, you might be hitting the limits of traditional market research.

Anacode makes you future-proof
and helps you get ahead with real-time market insights extracted from Big Data
Our insights are tailored to specific industries; we also provide on-demand customization for highly specific research questions.
Consumer insights
Competitive intelligence
Trend monitoring
Technology analysis
Screening for customer acquisition
Business partner identification and profiling
Work with us to build your information advantage
We help you define and validate your project requirements
Initial setup and individual market report
Get continuous updates on your market and questions
Slow, manual and costly research process
Static output
Limited data coverage
Automate research with AI and Natural Language Processing
Get dynamic updates about your market
Increase your data coverage with Big Data
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About Anacode
With Anacode, you listen directly to the voices in your target markets. Market complexity is transformed into transparency and clarity.
Our AI-based, high-quality NLP rests upon detailed domain knowledge and universal linguistic principles.
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