Tracing the Covid-19 infodemic

A linguistic analysis of the main themes discussed around Covid-19 in public media

April 26, 2020

Public media is a major force that shapes our response to the Covid-19 situation - from getting crucial updates about country situations to informing investment decisions, most of us consume related news on a daily basis. However, times of crisis and uncertainty increase our dependence on external information sources, making us more vulnerable to negative side effects such as the spread of fear and anxiety and subjective statistical interpretations.

The following interactive chart distills the main themes in English public media related to Covid-19 in the timespan January - April 2020. The themes were obtained using unsupervised learning (clustering) on Anacode's Covid-19 Public Media Dataset. Cluster labels were derived after a manual inspection of the clusters.

To use the chart, hover over the clusters to see the associated media articles.