NLP inside the organization: goals and use cases

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In our work, we have the pleasure of meeting many entrepreneurs who want to "do something with NLP", and organizations who want to count NLP in their digital stack. Indeed, NLP is cool and trendy - especially since it deals with language, a…

Zooming in on Gartner’s 2019 Artificial Intelligence hype cycle

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Earlier this year, Gartner published its new hype cycle for Artificial Intelligence [1]. Business adoption of AI is experiencing significant growth – thus, according to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Agenda survey, organizations that have deployed artificial…

Construction tech: from inflated expectations to implementation

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When it comes to the adoption of new technologies, the construction industry is on the conservative end of the spectrum. However, in the past years, buzzwords such as 3D printing, Augmented Reality and Big Data have also penetrated architecture…

The three levels of Natural Language Processing for your business

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In the past years, the tech world has seen a surge of Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications in various areas, including adtech, publishing, customer service and market intelligence. According to Gartner's hype cycle, NLP has reached…

Artificial Intelligence in China

This report presents a snapshot on AI in Chinese social media Dec 2018 - Jan 2019, focussing on related technologies, use cases and startups.   Download the report sample here.

Connected Cars in China - 2018 Review

This report presents consumer feedback on connected car brands and features, with a special focus on Audi, BMW, Tesla, Geely, Chery and BYD.   Download the report sample China Connected Car Overview-5

Embracing e-Mobility in China

With over 860,000 new-energy vehicles (NEVs) sold in the first 10 months of 2018, China is currently on the forefront of electrification.[1] Made in China 2025, China's strategic plan tracing the energy transition and the internal development…

Embracing Shared Mobility in China

As the sharing economy is booming in China, shared mobility services are radically transforming the dynamics of Chinese cities. This means a fundamental shift for automotive players: "owning" a car is no longer considered the ultimate status…

A case study on eating behavior in China: Combining survey results with Big Data

Authors: Janna Lipenkova, Stephan Telschow (G-I-M) Market research is inherently biased: each method comes with its own limitations on authenticity and representativity which are rooted in our psychology. For example, survey research can…

A view from the rear seat: Audi as a trendsetter for executive cars in China

Author: Adrian De Riz In China, you are what you drive It is not unusual for Chinese grooms and brides to be chauffeured in a Bentley, Maybach or Rolls Royce, while their entourage follows in a uniform suit of upper-class vehicles. The same…

Towards effortless coding of text data in market research

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Author: Janna Lipenkova Market research surveys typically consist of two types of questions, namely “closed” and “open” questions. Closed questions limit the possible range of responses and result in structured data. By contrast,…

Fashion insight: Gucci vs. Louis Vuitton

Authors: Xiaoqiao Yu, Daryna Konstantinova, Sonja Anton Comparing Alessandro Michele and Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton and Gucci are quickly climbing the ranks as the most valuable international fashion brands of 2018. We compared the public…

Anacode partnering with GIM

We are excited to start our cooperation with GIM Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung mbH, which gives us the opportunity to benefit from the long-standing expertise of GIM in the area of market research. Together, we are going to work…

Case Study: Data-based overview over the Chinese stock market

Just as the rest of the China's financial system, the Chinese stock market is subject to rather strict government regulations. However, in recent years, it offers more and more opportunities to risk-tolerant foreign investors. This report…

Whitepaper: MarketMiner Framework

In this white paper, you will learn how we use text and data analytics to extract actionable, statistically relevant insights from Web data. The paper shows how AI and Machine Learning technology can be used to build competitive advantage with…

Event Series "Doing Business in China"

On September 20th, we open the event series "Doing Business in China", a cooperation between Anacode, TechCode, kleef&co and Portus Corporate Finance GmbH. The series will provide talks, workshops and case studies on different aspects of…

Presentations from Deep Learning for NLP Meetup June 14th, 2017

Talk 1: Word embeddings and NNs in NLP: A (Linguistic) Overview (Janna Lipenkova)   Talk 2: Grammatical gender in word embeddings (Kate McCurdy)   Please visit the meetup page for further information and announcement…

Grasp Chinese consumer insight: the potential of social media

In the ideal business world, market and consumer research precedes any marketing activity. The world is not ideal, but when it comes to capricious emerging markets such as China, the need for solid research turns into an acute necessity: sound…

A comparison across premium car series in the Chinese web

This report provides a descriptive overview of the Chinese Web 2.0 landscape for automotive feedback, focussing on BMW 7 Series and comparing it with Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The feedback is analysed both from a qualitative…

Internet of Vehicles in China

Connectivity and the "Internet of Vehicles" is one of the main current technological trends in the automotive area. With its rapid digitalization, China is a major "testbed" as well as a source of innovations in this field. The present report…

Junges Wissenschaftsforum Dahlem

On May 3rd, we are participating at the Junges Wissenschaftsforum Dahlem ( to share our experience in technology transfer and founding out of academia with postgraduates and young researchers.

Asia-Pacific Weeks Berlin 2016

On May 25th, Dr. Janna Lipenkova will be giving a talk at Asia-Pacific Weeks Berlin (APW 2016) on different approaches to market research and market entry in China. Check out the presentation abstract.

Mobile World Congress Shanghai

Participation @ Mobile World Congress Shanghai (#MWC Shanghai) (