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Tech Lead / CTO

Anacode is currently looking for a Tech Lead / CTO. The ideal candidate combines a passion for data, strong engineering ethics and management experience in challenging environments. Anacode’s technology is focussed around cutting-edge algorithms of Natural Language Processing and Data Mining which are applied on various Web data sources.  The outputs are embedded into various […]


Case Study: Data-based overview over the Chinese stock market

Just as the rest of the China’s financial system, the Chinese stock market is subject to rather strict government regulations. However, in recent years, it offers more and more opportunities to risk-tolerant foreign investors. This report sample provides an overview over the Chinese stock market based on data from the Chinese finance portal 金融界 (http://finance.jrj.com.cn; […]

Whitepaper: MarketMiner Framework

In this white paper, you will learn how we use text and data analytics to extract actionable, statistically relevant insights from Web data. The paper shows how AI and Machine Learning technology can be used to build competitive advantage with a crystal-clear, up-to-date  understanding of customer needs. Please download the white paper here.

Event Series “Doing Business in China”

On September 20th, we open the event series “Doing Business in China”, a cooperation between Anacode, TechCode, kleef&co and Portus Corporate Finance GmbH. The series will provide talks, workshops and case studies on different aspects of China market entry, incl. market research, local business development, funding and legal topics.   Please download the program here.

NLP/Machine Learning Developer

Anacode is currently looking for a backend developer with experience in NLP and/or Machine Learning. Your job will be to keep track of the Machine Learning landscape and continuously enrich our existing technology with upcoming algorithms and technologies. We welcome candidates with excellent technological skills and a strong research orientation. Responsibilities Identification of algorithms and […]

Grasp Chinese consumer insight: the potential of social media

In the ideal business world, market and consumer research precedes any marketing activity. The world is not ideal, but when it comes to capricious emerging markets such as China, the need for solid research turns into an acute necessity: sound and specific knowledge of these markets allows to minimize the business risks which go hand […]


A comparison across premium car series in the Chinese web

This report provides a descriptive overview of the Chinese Web 2.0 landscape for automotive feedback, focussing on BMW 7 Series and comparing it with Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The feedback is analysed both from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. The main observations and findings are as follows: Popular topics and concepts: We find […]