Senior JavaScript Developer

Anacode is currently looking for a senior JavaScript developer with experience in data visualisation. You will play a key role in the development of MarketMiner SaaS, an application that serves real-time international market intelligence to B2B customers in various industries. The frontend speaks via REST API to a backend that collects and analyses web data with a focus on Emerging Markets. The product satisfies information needs for the most lucrative geographic markets which, at the same time, exhibit high degrees of complexity and intransparency.


  • From-scratch setup of the frontend architecture incl. choice of suitable JavaScript tools and libraries
  • Close cooperation with the product team during design phase of the application
  • Autonomous development of the application
  • Development of customised solutions for individual enterprise customers

Required skills

  • Fluency in Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Good understanding of DOM
  • Experience with MVC/MVVM JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience with data visualisation, preferably using d3.js


  • Experience with <svg> element
  • Solid basis in statistics and/or data science, understanding of the challenges of unstructured data
  • Development experience in B2B context
  • Knowledge of our backend tech, especially Python and MongoDB


  • A young, interdisciplinary and international team
  • Lots of room for responsibility and implementation of your ideas
  • Competitive financial package

About Anacode

Anacode GmbH provides analytics software for international market research. The proprietary technology of the company is based on state-of-the-art algorithms in data mining and Natural Language Processing which are applied to large quantities of data from the Web. The company has been bootstrapped on B2B consulting and is currently in an exciting transition from a service- to a product-based business model. The team mixes specialists in software development, linguistics and business, all with strong academic backgrounds, hands-on experience and high intercultural affinity.


Berlin; partial home office can be considered.


Please contact us with a CV and a list of references at the following email: